Matt Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Game Development (Herzing University | Madison, WI).


Little Matty grew up in northern WI. Surrounded by Beautiful scenic bouts of nature; naturally, he felt most at home in front of his Windows 95. As a child he was encouraged by his excellent father to create and use his imagination wherever possible. This creative journey started with little skits and talk shows, illustrating worlds from paper/MS Paint and writing Comic books. As the boy grew, his passion for creating grew with him.

He graduated High School a Salutatorian with high honors. With Madison on the horizon, he would start his college career early in the sweaty heat of that July. During College, he had the opportunity to develop along side dozens of fellow students alumni and instructors. During the tail-end of college he co-founded NEVERTIME STUDIOS.


Adult-Matt currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with his Wife Jackie, 2 kitties(Vice Roy and Prime Al) AND MOST RECENTLY his son Theodore who was born October 2017!
He enjoys long strolls through the city and developing, cranking out tunes and being a Dad every chance he gets!